UFO Disclosure: Why We Should be Weary of Government Disclosures

Published May 3, 2014 by ufotruthnow


Like anything else dealing with Government, particularly the US Government we should be careful not to outright take what they say at face value. The UFO phenomena is no different in this matter. Disclosure would be one of the most important events that this world will experience. I believe that we are currently in the midst of it now though against the will of the governments. There has been many Governments that has been completely honest with the UFO phenomena, mostly they can be found in South America, Asia, and Mexico.

The US Government has in the past and to this very day been having secret dealings with certain negative Alien Races. I have come to believe like many others that if there is disclosure from the US Government, it will only happen cause it will serve some agenda, and they can have full control of it.

This brings me to the subject matter at hand. How will disclosure be beneficial to the US Government as well as the other governments that are aligned with the Negative ETs? One theory is Project Bluebeam, an elaborate scheme to fake an alien invasion using advanced holograms, and the motive to gain more control over humanity by the Secret Government. For some reason, I could never go along with this, and mainly it would be too expensive for them to keep up. It would be cheaper to use the people against each other as well as any other force.

This is why it is my deep belief that UFO disclosure will end up like the war on terror. They will point out the aliens they want us to believe are good and evil. They are already seeing much success with that type of misdirection and misinformation with the current War on Terror. Although there is now thankfully a growing amount of people, who see past the lies, and see the truth. It will be these same people that will see past any misinformation in Disclosure.

There are positive aliens working to Earth’s benefit and are doing what they can to help humans. Most take the non interfering stance in our affairs and take up a defensive line. This video below shows the secret war in space between the negative aligned governments and the positive aliens, who end up defending themselves.

My thoughts are that if the Secret Government is already at war with these peaceful aliens and if they do make UFO Disclosure, they will do their best to convince the public that the positive aliens are the real enemy of humanity, and use false flag attacks to seal the deal. Most will probably fall for it, allowing the Secret Government more resources, and more freedom in attacking the benevolent aliens. They are getting away with a lot in the War on Terror, why would they change their tactics now, and why would they take a chance on another strategy that may not be as fruitful as this one. You have to give them credit, they are very consistent with how they maintain their hold on humanity with lies and misinformation. Why would UFO Disclosure from them be any different? These are just my thoughts though.

Best advice that I can give is to read up on the UFO Phenomena, the Secret Government, and the many different Alien Races out there. To educate yourself on the many different secret government dealings with the negative aliens, take Dulce Base for an example and the many examples of government denials. Investigate the still unexplained UFO cases out there. You may not reach the same conclusion as I had but either way, if the day comes when the Governments do make disclosure; you will be more informed to make a clear choice whether you believe them or not. Discern the truth to get past the lies and half truths.